McKinsey Introduces Lilli – AI as most Veteran Consulting Partner


Hold onto your hats because McKinsey and Company, a super-smart consulting giant with almost 100 years of experience, is all set to adopt AI. This year, they let us in on a big secret: almost half of their 30,000 workers are getting cozy with AI tools.

But the coolest part? They’ve made their own AI star, and it’s named Lilli. Imagine Lilli as your digital helper, giving you facts, ideas, plans, and even suggesting the best team players for your projects. All that brainpower comes from over 100,000 files and talks.

Erik Roth, a top McKinsey person, explained it best: “Think of asking all of McKinsey’s know-how something, and Lilli pops up with an answer. That’s Lilli!” Lilli’s been secretly training since June 2023 and will join the McKinsey gang this fall.

Guess what? Around 7,000 of McKinsey’s crew already tried out Lilli, and she’s like a time machine for getting work done. Weeks of thinking got shrunk to hours, and sometimes, even minutes. Imagine this: Lilli answered 50,000 questions in just two weeks. Talk about busy!

Lilli works like a chat app you’re used to. Ask, and Lilli chats back, showing your convo on the screen. But here’s where Lilli shines: you can save and mix up your chats. Fancy, right?

Lilli’s superpowers come from two places: “GenAI Chat” finds answers from big AI brains, while “Client Capabilities” looks into McKinsey’s giant collection of files. And here’s the magic touch: Lilli shows where she got her answers from. Sources and all!

Now, imagine Lilli helping McKinsey pros. From finding info to planning big stuff, she’s their partner. Lilli predicts future stuff, makes plans, and gives credit to her sources, like a star student.

Sure, Lilli’s not the fastest, but she’s all about getting things right. McKinsey cares more about good answers than quick ones.

Lilli’s like a bridge between you and a bunch of smart computer brains. She’s the middle person, making sure things are safe and smart.

Here’s the big finish: Lilli’s going places. She might help lots of people outside McKinsey too. McKinsey’s leading the way into the AI future, and Lilli’s the guide. Get ready for a smarter tomorrow with Lilli by your side!

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