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Before you go to civitai and spend hours exploring and understanding what it is, we have prepared a holistic overview of civitai, its creators community and the range of cyberrealistic and other image generations models available.

We will go over how to use civitai and its models. It’s a gem to generate mindblowing images effortless in an image setting that you like such as cyberpunk, portraits, landscapes, anime, buildings or cyberrealistic models.


Civitai is a community for content creators. But the content creators in civitai are deep learning engineers. Who else can benefit from it? Common people who might use cyberrealistic, photorealistic, anime or outlandish imagery.

In detail, Civitai is a website that allows you to browse and download a large number of Stable Diffusion models and embeddings. The model files, like Hugging Face, are all deep-scanned for safety. There is a search function, and the filters allow you to specify whether you want checkpoint files or textual inversion embeddings.

You will find a variety of models because image-generative AI has a diversity of settings. For example, anime models, cyberpunk, photorealistic models, buildings, landscapes, and portraits. Models can serve multi-purpose or specialize in a single setting.

Cyberrealistic civitai models:

If we look at the photorealistic models published on civitai – The total number of cyberrealistic civitai models exceed over 1000.

1000 photo realistic civitai models

For example, the below cyber-realistic model has over 198k downloads combing all its version. Oh yes, you can also access different checkpoints within a model. Which means the new checkout might have different feature and you preferred the old version. So you can pick and choose as you like.

Trending cyberrealistic model

Now, consider another model. Do you notice the subtleties in these models?

real cartoon civitai model

What is the Civitai Image Generator?

The Civitai Image Generator is a web-based interface for Stable Diffusion that lets us enter text prompts and receive image results! You don’t need a strong graphics card or PC to operate the generator; all of the processing is performed by – you can even run it on your phone!

It’s quite simple to get started with the Generator and create your own AI-generated art, and this guide will show you how!

The way to use Civitai is simple

As a user, when you first log onto Civitai, you’ll notice a small blue “Create” button in the bottom right corner of the screen (all pages). When you click this, the Generator drawer expands from the right.

We may also access the Generator from a specific resource by clicking the blue “Create” button on the Model Card, which will pre-populate the “Model” field on the Generator. Note! Only models that the uploader has specified for usage on the Civitai Generator will display the “Create” button here; otherwise, the usual download button will be displayed.

More surprisely, if we find a particularly exciting prompt we’d like to use in the Generator, we can select Start Creating from the bottom of the image metadata window.

By clicking Start Creating, you will submit both the positive and negative prompts, as well as advanced options such as the Sampler, CFG Scale, Steps, and Seed to the Generator, which will pre-fill these options for you.

Due to a variety of intricate elements, you may not be able to build an identical copy of the chosen image, but it should be near!

Civitai has tried to make things as simple as possible for users who are new to AI image production! Advanced settings have pre-set values that can be tweaked, although photos will create just fine without them.

All of the existing settings are discussed (in great detail!) below.

  • + Add Model

Models are what power Stable Diffusion, which in turn powers our Generator. Clicking Add Model opens a popup listing all the selectable Models available for inference (generating images against) on Civitai.

  • + Add additional Resource

Additional resources include LoRA and Embeddings.

  • Prompt

A short description of the image you’d like to see!

  • Negative Prompt

A short description, or a list of keywords, for content you don’t wish to see in your image.

  • Mature Content

If you don’t wish to see adult/lewd/not safe for work content, you can toggle this selector off. It won’t completely block such content from appearing in your generations, but it will reduce the chance, somewhat.

  • Aspect Ratio

At present we allow images to be created in Square (512×512), Landscape (768×512) and Portrait (512×768) dimensions.

The Advanced settings are pretty complex concepts, and we’ll delve into those in a dedicated guide, but for now if you’d like to read more about what these are, and how they change the generated images, you can check out the Civitai Generative AI Glossary.

Restrictions & Limitations

Who has access to civitai:

Anyone with an account can use the Generator to create graphics in seconds!

Moreover, You can turn off the Image Generator in your Account Settings, specifically in the Early Access Features section. This is handy if you generate images on your own computer and don’t need the website’s generator.

But, we suggest keeping it on because it lets you experiment with different models such as photorealistic models and LoRA before deciding to download. It’s like test-driving them to see if they suit your needs.

The Limits of Civitai:

One of the best features of the Civitai Generator is that it has access to literally hundreds of materials uploaded to Civitai and can use them to generate images! The generator can be used with an infinite number of permutations of models, LoRA, and embeddings to generate wonderful material in a variety of genres;

The Generator presently only works with Stable Diffusion 1.5-based resources; there is no SDXL support – however this is changing; we are now working on putting SDXL creation capabilities online!

A lot of advanced image generating features, such as Hires. fix, ControlNet, and Adetailer, are also on the way.

Check out this [Guide to Civitai (Part 1)] for help creating and configuring your Civitai account.(!

Also if you are looking to download other than civitai cyberrealistic model, you can navigate to:

How to use model civitai?

Select your desired model along with its corresponding config YAML. Wait until the progress bar reaches 100%, then return to the sampler widget, where you can choose the model from your list of installed models. Finally, click the ‘dream’ button to render your prompt using the downloaded model.

is civitai free?

Civitai is an open-source AI platform that acts as a model-sharing centre for the art generating community. Civitai’s free platform allows users to browse and exchange AI-generated art models, establishing it as the go-to search engine for art generators.

Can you generate images on civitai?

Platforms like CivitAI are growing more popular as reliable diffusion models emerge and data scientists construct new models. People can now design their own graphics at home for free!

How do you use civitai helper?

Navigate to the “Civitai Helper” extension tab. There is a “Scan model” button. When you click it, the extension will scan all of your models and generate SHA256 hashes, which it will use to retrieve model information and preview photos from Civitai. It will generate a json file for each model in order to save all model information from Civitai.

How to install Civitai?

Using the Extensions UI (Recommended) In the Automatic1111 SD Web UI, navigate to the Extensions tab. Open the “Install from URL” tab in the Extension Tab. Wait for the installation to finish. Automatic1111 restart (Reloading the UI will not install the required prerequisites.)

Which Platforms are similar to civitai?

Stable Diffusion
ArtRoom AI
L. Lexica
Hugging Face

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